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5g Clear & Present Danger

And you thought microwaves were bad for human health..This is one room of smart meters at a local senior assist living center. How can this be allowed? This is well over the health standards of radiation exposure.... one meter is 400mw/m2 and this what? ...62meters? Its pretty simple people common sence, everything in this reality is frequency, vibration, energy flow. If this is not soft kill i dont know what is.

Wi-fry will be like cigarettes in the future we will look back and say oh fuck it's actually accelerating disease bla bla bla. The Deep State knows this NOTHING IS BY CHANCE ,there are no coincidences. The military has done many studies on emf they know it's harmful to all living life.

Years ago the big telecommunication companies bought this "old technology" from the military, they did no long term testing and implemented it directly into all the current technology which the world and our kids are using today. These frequencies destroy the gut biome , they vibrate our DNA and changed the gene sequencing making the telomeres fall off and create havoc in our bodies at minimum.

I won't even go into the transhumanism agenda merging humans with machines and nano tech interfacing with the internet of things 5g roll out, targetted individuals ect.

And yes nothing will change until you start taking action which means voicing your concerns, writing letters, taking your resesrch to council at minimum, getting the emf tested around your home, schools, work place ect. You can sue the telecommunication companies for the frequencies assaulting your body.

Get active this is an attack on humans.. The Yellow vest movement is s good place to start.

Quite frankly i think people should start "removing" these disease causing machines.

Research barry trower and take the health of your family and friends into your own hands, the govt is run by pedofiles and satanists don't believe anything that comes from the main stream narrative.

The government's of earth are obsolete we dont need them we can run this gig ourselves.. Nate Max Check Out this complete moron.. This is the problem with the world dick heads like this..

5G facts

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