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The End Of Old Cycles & New Beginnings

I had an opportunity to selflessly help someone who has been living with chronic migraines for the last 6 years. Literally, call the ambulance and go to hospital level of pain migraines every day, hardly living at all, just staying alive. I just said fuck it lets do this & put life on hold for a healing adventure around the country (or may be I actually started living) I ended up driving thousands of kilometres all over the east coast of Australia and seeing my very top cutting-edge health professionals & shamans who have machines, modalities, products & methods which are not known about in the mainstream that can fix any disease. I'm happy to say that its been 3 weeks with no real migraines just small onsets which have been sorted out quickly. A big part of the issue was emotional support, being connected to life again, faith and hope.

Its really made me realise that without your health you have nothing. Everything gets put away, dreams, family, holidays, creativity, love when your sick or in pain, it's all gone. The world is so sick at the moment and it represents what we are doing to the earth, as above so below looking after our spiritual health and mental health has never been so important, its all connected, following our dreams and living with purpose is critical to evolution. I see so many people selling their houses, getting rid of their mortgages and downsizing, travelling, buying buses and motorhomes getting off grid, good on you for taking that leap of faith.

The world really is shifting.

I ended up at "Burning Seed" The Australia Version Of "Burning Man". I was so humbled by the level of love, creativity, gifting, sharing and humans working together and yes I took my patient there also. It's interesting taking someone with migraines to a festival would be the last thing you would think that would help, but in fact the medicine of connection and freedom ended up playing a very pivotal factor in the shift and change of her internal energy.

During The Effigy Burn on Saturday night, a dear mentor and shaman friend of mine passed away "WIND" a 72nd generation Navajo, literally at the same time we were burning the 70-foot tall structure at the festival. I woke in the morning and new inside that he had passed. There was such a calm over the whole event, peace and serenity. I found out the next day it was literally a celebration of life, a hero in my eyes, A person who came here and created so much change, inspired so many people, impacted so many lives around the area. He really left a legacy and raised the bar up to how humans should be acting in this world merging the sacredness and spirit realm with living in the cities like we do today.

I have not cried yet, I have been holding it back but i'm feeling a deep welling up inside of me for him, we really lack inspiring mentors in the western world WIND has motivated me so much to get back out in the streets and talk to kids, goto poor indigenous communities and get back on stage to inspire by example help those young world-changers to avoid some of the things I did growing up in world with no mentors.

The overwhelming sense of love I have felt in the past 3 weeks from all angles has been so healing for me, I realised that I have been just giving and pushing for so long but not really focusing on my own inner health and self love.

3 of my mentors separately said to me this month "Nate you need to focus on happiness now and do everything that fills your cup, smile, play, sing dance, fill your heart with joy" so I'm taking that on board and directing my life and my project Innate-Awareness into health, happiness, mens \ & womens circles, group gatherings, workshops, retreats & community living.

Thank you to all the people out there who have supported me, left beautiful messages and emails its keeps me going. Honestly this work gets dark, when you get to the bottom of the rabbit hole you stare evil in the face, when you start having interface with the unseen realms you are a target for psychic attacks and so much fuckery,( shit normal people could not even fathom) thanks to all the people who looked after me and helped me not go crazy when I was under heavy attack , navigating these places, shining light into the darkest places with no rule book or knowledge of what I was really doing, entering into places at night when I slept in other realms not really sure what I was doing, which lead to a bunch of emergency healings, plenty of Psychic attacks & a quick lesson in protections & tools I needed help me along the way.

Max Spires came to me after his death said, "don't do what I did, find another way" & "Play the game well but don't become it"

These words have stuck with me for a long time but now i'm finally going to adopt this and work through things with a different energy, solutions, action and cup full of love overflowing, keep it simple keep it real.

This is the ending of cycles, everyone is feeling it, evil will not exist much longer and we will reclaim our right to heaven on earth, im looking forward to growing a garden and doing nothing, finding love & doing some normal stuff for a change :)

Any how Much love Fb family

Nate Max.

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