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The Constant Mind Battle Living On Earth when your "woke as fuck"

This is a constant battle that I face living here on earth. Trying to be "good" to those who are evil, the duality aspect i keep hearing "oh Nate Its all lessons" bla bla bal its a mirror of what you need to work on".... "FUCK OFF" with your pathetic rubbish. Hordes of these people who are too spiritual or religiously indoctrinated to actually take real-world action, false hope that some god will some day come back and save the day at the last minute...

Seriously?? you believe that shit??? (double face palm) No one is coming to save you, the world is the way it is because good men stood by and watched, they bought into the elites plan of religion which was created to divide up humans hook line and sinker.

Id love to believe in this is just a big cosmic giggle, it's all lessons and all that i really would but can we just destroy evil first and see how that goes before we all roll over into the foetal position and suck our thumbs.

We are virtually living in a prison planet we have been messed with so badly on all levels, we are so cut of from anything sacred, hardly any nature left, honour and respect at all time lows, humans have fallen for the divide and conquer tactic every one fighting each other over race, countries and religions oh lordy we really are in kinder garden with the quarantine bubble firmament overhead stopping the human virus from spreading into the galaxy and rightfully so.

The way I see it there is 8000 or less worldwide so-called elite who are controlling from behind the scenes and using their money and influence to create a really shitty reality here on earth for everyone.

We have 30 million people dying a year from starvation, hunger and malnutrition, wars still going on over oil, land, stargates, the suppression of cancer cures and the well known suppression of free clean energy machines things that could turn this world around and provide a much needed break for mother earth and our world wide pass time of destroying oceans, rivers, rainforests and everything else that comes from nature to power our cities and for some billionaire to have another private jet.

This is all done because a bunch of elite scum like to battle each other who has the most trillions gold and little children sitting in their vaults. The reptilian mind strongly enforcing this paradigm onto the "kind-hearted" humans who are to afraid to take action and realise that we are the 99% and we could end this overnight with some unity.

Many are too scared due to religious programming and the fear of going to hell ( maybe your already here), then you have the latest "Spiritual Karma" which makes every one subservient and always "trying to balance their masculine and feminine aspects" (Face Palm)

A nicely rolled out psy opp to stop the hobbits from killing the puppet masters. Also an attack the alpha males by feminising men into being little soy boys who won't fight for earth when the time comes, freedom of speech almost gone and political correctness at insane levels.

So what is our military doing out there?? This is a question to those watching my account and surviving everything I do, why have you not simply taken out the elite?? We know who they are what their plan is, and its obvious now its rolling out, they are tired old scared men, whats the issue??

There is no room on this planet for greedy shit bags who only care about them sevles. We live in a global community and have all the money, recourses, people, technology and ideas to create heaven on earth in under 10 years. So whats the issue?? Its just a few people that need to be taken care of..

This is a call to action to the military to start doing your job "Protecting the people" not working for the corporations and deep state invading other places. We need the warriors to remove the bankers and politicians from parliament, destroy the United Nations and Nato Spend those Trillions $$ on planting trees, regenerating our rain forests, returning the soil quality back to normal, helping the poor, feeding the hungry and support projects that will create harmony here on earth.




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