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Trees Our Most Important Asset time to Rethink the way we View These life Supporting Beauty's

The native American Indians would not do a practice if it would possibly compromise mother earth in 7 generations time. Yes that right in 7 generations time. Think about how our earth would look today if we implemented something that protects our future generations to come so vastly, we are literally mining and cutting down rainforests, poisoning the oceans to our own destruction, over a few corporations making some $$$. There is all this talk about global warming yet I don't see many governments planting trees, instead they decide its in our best interests to spray the skies with aluminum barium and strontium "putting sunscreen in the atmosphere" "Proven no with UN documents & weather modification patents" what a fucking stupid idea, who was that retarded to sign off on that agreement?? Crimes against humanity, basically ecological ecocide. Yet the simple most powerful form of activism you can do planting trees is ignored.

Trees which supports all life on this plant, there is no "nature" with out trees, yet here in the western world people cut down trees for their grassy backyard which they mow every week wasting petrol, time and energy, (you could just have a veggie garden instead) we cut down trees because they block our view or some other pathetic excuse. Trees should be the single most protected thing on earth. They clean the air , create rain, support life, the leaves when decomposing create c02 which is plant food & stimulates growth which the trees then breathe, they stabilize river banks, land and protect from erosion and not to mention supply humans with the food and nourishment that we need to survive. Fruit trees can live to a ripe old age, every house on earth should be forced to have fruit trees and vegetable gardens. It is the simplest, smartest thing to do to create prosperity here on earth and take pressure away from mas agro farming which clearly is not working.

There needs to be sustainable laws implemented that if you cut down trees when making your house that each tree you chop down you need to plant 5 replacement trees either on your land or somewhere else, or give funds for someone else to plant these trees so in fact the amount of trees never diminishes but always increase. The council needs to change their laws so we can grow trees in council areas all this wasted land and grass which gets blasted with pesticides.

We can terraform the deserts and turn them into rainforests Gadafi showed us we can do this when he tapped into the primary refreshing station reforming Africas landscape until NATO bombed the pipeline with depleted uranium, (war crime) if our loving govt would stop spending money on war and fake terrorism for 1 minute. We have all the money, recourses, land and water to make this happen. No excuses start planting trees leave a legacy for the generations to come.

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Nate Max

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