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Money The Down Fall Of Rich And Poor

Money is the basic reason of the fall down of both ''Rich & Poor'', which was established just as a tool of lively hood for all evolving #humanbeings in this physical world of planet #earth. The rich become uneasy just with a ''THOUGHT'' of ''loosing it'', and by thinking like that an reaction of ''unquenchable greed'' sets in the vital consciousness. ..And poor runs after it all her / his life. Just to survive fulfilling the basic needs of human life in this world! But due to #unchecked #greed upon this planet, over the culmination of ''many ages'', it thus became a so powerful a tool to control evolving #humanity, that even the so called caretaker ''invisible ones'' got caught in it after their huge network of '''corruption''' became unchallenged anyone. Especially when they ''willfully refused''' to ''return and surrender'' the stolen money, even when the celestial command had been repeatedly and continuously ''demanding'' from them for the last 13 1/2 years. Which was illegally stolen in the name of ''#dharma'' in the first place. What a pitiful situation for those, who now consider themselves as the ''rulers'' upon this planet earth in these trying times with no ''clear solution''.

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