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Welcome to the great Pharmaceutical / Medical fraud of the 21st century

It all starts with being Lobotomized at birth through vaccinations (Vitamin K, Polio, Tetauns, Hep B, MMR,) all these unnecessary vaccines which "are proven by science not to work" & destroy genetics BY DESIGN, added Time-release Cancer hidden in the vaccines (Research SV40 nothing is a mistake), this sets you up for a lifetime of diseases, Cancer, Diabetes, Cervical Cancer, Motor Neuron, Autism, allergies, gut problems, learning Issues, neurological disorders, ADDHD, heavy metal toxicity all the things which are common in the western vaccinated world (which are uncommon amongst NON vaccinating communities) The perfect business model for the pharmaceutical companies, customers from birth dependent on the system of $$$ death and depopulation.

Then we force-feeding humans poison food (supermarkets full of FOOD LIKE products) not actual food, just MOUTH FLAVOUR zero nutrients or minerals to sustain life. Meat & dairy, processed Sugar ect:. No safe choices for the average person, Also no food education for us when we grew up, organic & health food designed to be too expensive for the average JO. But a world full of Packaged Processed garbage everywhere you turn, which creates an immune response in the body (mucus) each time you eat it, so the body is constantly in "fight or flight" mode trying to protect its self from a non stop bombardment of poisons entering the cell walls.

Our poor liver, kidneys, Lymphatic & immune system constantly under the pump, the body using all its energy to process poison rather than energising the mind, keeping us young, balanced and in an alkaline state (disease free). Without proper regular house cleaning (detoxing), This only leads to degeneration, acidification, inflammation, deficiencies then into excess & a break down of the body into a Diseased state, what you are seeing now across the earth.

NO TRUE KNOWLEDGE of health to be found anywhere in state literature, schooling or the medical system. For most westerners, this poisoning goes on for the first 30+ years of their life, until they start doing their own research or become very sick and question what they are shovelling in their mouths. We have the issue too of alcohol and party lifestyle, in the growth stages of life (first 26 years), which is pushed upon us through, TV shows, movies and our CULT (cult-ure) of dating, going out & whats deemed as FUN.

Alcohol is a major cause of so much disease in our society, it has everything in it to break down the body as fast as possible and allow entities to access your "skin suite" and ride out their lower dimensional pleasures with you. Ever wondered why people look like they are possessed when they drink & act like a different person... Every noticed the black pupils and strange personality that rears its head? Yup possession... drinking "Spirits" Allowing the spirits in through the broken auric field, sex, drugs, fighting, anger, hyper emotions, deep-rooted trauma from the past appearing, blackouts, carnal pleasures & violence.. its not you.

The fuckery continues with the food pyramid being completely wrong, (by design), so we eat all the wrong food without even a wink of an eyelid of what it's doing to our bodies. Add in The Chinese Industrial Waste which is dumped in our tap water called (Fluoride) once again we were lied to, that fluoride is necessary for our teeth OH LORDY another great fraud which I will debunk properly in the next week or so.

The next load of rubbish "Drink Milk for healthy bones you need calcium" Drinking Milk from another animal, MILK which has the DNA building blocks of a cow. Why would we put the building blocks of a cow into a human being? Cows milk is for baby COWS ONLY. This is not rocket science people seriously, we are not living in the 1500s when you would eat anything to stay alive FFS, have a think, milk acidifies our bodies because the body has to use too much energy to process, its full of hormones, puss, blood, GMO feed and pathogens, all the goodness is taken out (raw milk is illegal) and your left with 98% water and crap. Your body then steals minerals from anywhere it can (the bones) to process this. You Need magnesium not calcium, you need sunshine, not sunblock, are you starting to feel me?? The level of mind control here?? The sheer Size of this Agenda??

Then the mind control and programming begins, coerce people into a state of fear with man-made diseases (pushed by the Zionist news), hide the natural cures / remedies , synthesise a deadly compound with a fancy name (your only option they will tell you) which will destroy your health even further and have a variety of side effects or "Effects" then Rob the sick, scared persons last finances $$$ (superannuation) which they spent 50 years of their lives working in the 9-5 debt slavery system acquiring (paying of the fake debt to the Rothschilds Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank $$$). Charge 60k a month for an experimental treatment which doesn't do anything, ever wondered why its called a "Medical Practise" because they have no FKN idea what they are doing they are practising on you and "Meldeci" is the name of an Italian, Illuminati family which runs the "Medical" system..

Due to the attack & destroying of natural (original Therapies) this is the poor hobbits only known way through (cut, burn, poison, radiate) they must cling onto false hope from western Paid Doctors (Rockerfellas eugenicists) puppets who know nothing about TRUE HEALING & HEALTH, rebalancing the system, detoxing, nutrition, cancer, Structured water, Acidity, vaccines, DNA, energy flow, meridian systems, Trauma release, chakras, alkalinity, the lymphatic system, non hybrid foods, Organic lifestyle, mindfulness they simply serve the system that imprisons and poisons them so willingly over a paycheck and a title that feeds their ego "Dr Poison", doctors sre not even allowed to research or work with anything alternate (alternate which is spell casting for original / natural, inversion hidden in plain site) except what they are fed in University (another Rockerfella owned organisation creating good little "repeaters, not humans who think for themselves"), the masters from above are very happy with this (de-education system), anything apart from this line of research the new doctors will get threats of losing their licenses and being shut down.

Everything we know and have been previously told about food , water & nutrition is the reason why we are so sick as a global community.

Why do you think when doctors who catch onto the "Cancer Fraud" always end up dead?? Why is it there was 120 holistic doctors murdered in the last few years? With NO Investigation?, why is there no Task force looking into these murders?? Its all about money $$$$ everything that is evil in this world loves money and power.

Its that simple, follow the money, follow the white rabbit. It just depends how far you are willing to go down the rabbit hole to truly see how this world works.

Where do you draw your link in the sand?? Does your level of consciousness only let you see that possibly drinking a neurotoxin / industrial waste in the tap water is bad (fluoride)

Or does your consciousness allow you to understand that the world is run by a bunch of Nazi Satanists who sacrifice and rape children? How many more incidents do you need to see in the news to realise that this word is run by Peadofiles??

Its all connected... Question is when will you wake up and fight for our children and the humans without a voice?

Nate Max Cancer The Forbidden Cures

Dt Burzynski: Cancer Is Big Business

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