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The word “Outfinite” means or defines the area level which exists without any parameters, and which exist beyond the boundaries of “Infinite’, as the parameters only exist in the “#infinite”, which is our conceived #Universe manifested as a huge spherical universe, with its own radius of influence.

The word “Infinite” with which we all are familiar with, clearly explains that it means as being “In the finite”, thus defining very clearly, that it literally means, “what exists in the finite parameters can go on reproducing itself, with only certain differentiations in original formations thus existing both the Invisible and Visible levels in the boundaries of the manifested sphere. All #Involution [the electromagnetic consciousness taking a form is called involution], and #evolution [the electromagnetic consciousness escaping from the bondage of the form is called the evolution], which takes place in the “Infinite” [with parameters], and these both processes happens in certain #mathematical and #geometricalconscious #energy relationships, which are required for the consciousness expansion attained due to the polarity integration, which is imbedded in the electromagnetic consciousness itself of all the entities and beings, who are existing in the micro to macro levels of the spherical parameters, by the controllers of “Infinite”.

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