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Heavy Metal Detox Interview coming up!

One the most regular Questions I receive through my website and Facebook is: "How do you remove the heavy metals & Nano Tech from the body?". So I will be doing an interview next week on FB live with Australia's Expert on Heavy metal detoxing, who has tested over 250 people with his special live tissue analysis machines, this will be very cutting edge most of you will never have heard what we are going to talk about.

Obviously, almost everyone is aware that we are living in a world which is now being smothered with toxic heavy metals from Geo-Engineering & Weather Modification Programs and the existing issue from industries/factories on earth. Heavy metals are literally the demise of the human health condition.

His reports so far show EVERYONE has extreme amounts of heavy metals in their bodies, people who think they are healthy, old people, children, women, men all ages even babies have heavy metals which have been passed on through the womb. Humans are being systematically poisoned off by these hormone-disrupting cancer-causing metals "BY DESIGN".

This leads to a whole plethora of health issues physically but non physically too, a disconnect to self , being trapped in the mind, not being able to relax or think clearly, its the start of mind control (interface with the internet of things 5G & WIFI) your body acts as a conductor like a big antenna with the metals inside us, which can be targetted VIA phone towers, acoustic devices, scalar tech and another non local tech.

This metal once lodged in the gut and Brain tears open your auric field to psychic attack with lower dimensional beings, it's the interface with the lower realms and part of the terraforming (extinction protocol) projects which are happening in every united nations country on earth, it may well be that something is converting earth's atmosphere to suit its own.

The war will not be with other countries or religions but simply to survive and thrive. It won't matter where you live or how much money you have if you don't know how to remove these toxins and raise your internal frequency above the current harmful frequencies being blasted at us, its game over.

This is an attack and its destroying our DNA for generations to come, we are in a marathon war and getting towards the end now with more disease ever in recorded history, 1/2 cancer rates, Old man's diseases at all-time highs, Autism through the roof, all connected by heavy metals..

Well Stay tuned for the interview we will give you not only a protocol and ways to test your metals but also products and dietary info this it will be a powerful interview not to be missed.

If you didn't know already I have a You tube & Podcast channel Nate Max TV.

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