Do you think NASA is telling the truth about this planet and universe?

QUESTION: Is there a "Secret Space Program"? Do you think NASA is telling the truth about this planet and universe? Are the Sun and Moon fake? We've all heard stories about Area 51 and strange looking aliens. Hollywood does keep pushing aliens and spaceships? Should that be viewed as "Soft Disclosure"? Robotics and human clones? I'll say this again that the "Trump Family" are not human! Most all world leaders have been cloned. Perhaps, I should write more about this subject today? How many are waiting on the "Second Coming of the Light"? And, what about Corey Goode and David Wilcock? Are those guys telling the truth? US Military bases on Mars? The government does have deep underground bases both on land and sea. Hoover Dam, Las Vegas not what you might imagine? Water being used as a cooling system for alien technology? Nuclear weapon testing a cover story? A "Stargate" located in the Pacific Ocean? CERN and 5G Technology. The "Light of Intelligence" shinning brightly within this organic realm transforming everything it sees and touches.

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