How nice! If your looking for a Spiritual Winning Lotto Ticket it ain't going to happen my frien

Both Eastern and Western Schools a System of Learning. But what does that mean you wonder? And why even bother? Will it make me happy and pay my cellphone bill? When the student understands Quantum Spiritual Psychology the Universe opens revealing the Sanctum Sanctorum of Endless Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding. My teachings increase New Levels of Intelligence. This classroom is not for dummy's. You must do "The Great Work" and complete the lessons. The Motherboard of Infinite Information will download data into your brain once you go beyond daily drama which robs energy trapping the Subconscious Mind in a fake loop known as Karma and Reincarnation. After a while that script starts to get old and no fun anymore. So now you want something different? How nice! If your looking for a Spiritual Winning Lotto Ticket it ain't going to happen my friend. Do the "Work" and be glad you ate today. Keep it simple. Show some Love and Respect starting with yourself. Let go of fear and past programming. Say no to evil and stop looking at shadows! Do that and your world just got better. Imagine the Universe giving you the opportunity to write a movie script and your the Star? How cool would that be! Each of you have been chipped and programmed without even realizing what had been done without your permission. Not very nice. Ringing in the ears, negative thoughts and emotions? Let me know when you want my help? Nate Max

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