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Social engineering is a real thing. There are real groups who steer the society in one direction or

Social engineering is a real thing. There are real groups who steer the society in one direction or another.....for their own purposes, agendas and goals. It wouldn't be so bad if these groups orchestrated their propaganda and indoctrination order to trick us into becoming more moral, more ethical and more respecting of life in general. Unfortunately these groups hide in the shadows and puppet string our minds from behind the green curtain because we would not agree with their plans what so ever. One of their primary agendas is to maintain and expand their own power of course, which is extremely easy to accomplish if most of the "other" people on the planet are exposed to a great deal of brain damage. There are many substances showered into the slave camp that cause this "brain damage" but none as effective as vaccination. In order for propaganda to be the most effective, you must have children buy into "the lie" very early in their lives, so they grow up into adults who are heavily invested in the same lie. Here's a lie based propaganda piece developed for children about vaccination, which of course is proven fraudulent on every claim, no exceptions. At this added link we have Dr. Raymond Obomsawin explain the truth of vaccination, regarding vaccines having nothing to do with reducing disease and everything to do with increasing disease across the board, which is simply reclassified as new diseases, to keep the lie based machinery well lubricated. Source: jason Christoff Dangers of Vaccines Yes! You are in fact killing your children giving them a vaccine. Forgive me, but I'm not one who gives points to the other side just to be fair. If you think sticking a needle into an innocent baby's arm every 2 months to sedate them with neurotoxins, heavy metals, and just plain poison is OK, then feel free to argue the other side of that. It seems the drug companies have made a hell of a living doing so.

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