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The De-Education of our children

The system is easy to understand, even for a child. Repeat what you're told as truth, without question or resistance, and you'll receive positive feedback in terms of awards, good grades and lots of cheer-leading from parents and/or people involved with the system. The child understands how things work early on. Repeat ideas like "Christopher Columbus discovered America" (which he didn't) and "vaccines are safe and effective" (which they're not)......and life gets good very quickly. It's a great system, showering children with praise and positive feedback when they repeat what ever they're told but what happens when what's being taught isn't true? Do vaccines work in the way we're told? Unfortunately the science is very firm regarding vaccines and that science is being ignored for reasons that are only now becoming clear. The truth about vaccines can be discovered below.........

Doctors Warning Against Vaccines -

Vaccines and Their Direct Link to Autism -

The Polio Lie Explained - Source: Jason christoff

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