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"Channelled Holographic Access Network Interface"

Note: CHANI is an acronym for "Channelled Holographic Access Network Interface". A Top Secret CERN facility in Africa with various projects like "Space Time Fabricating, Simulation by Atom Replacement and Removal, Holographic Programming of Dark Matter, Manifestation of Quantum Energies and Associated String Programming with Ether-Etheric Interaction". On November 14th, 1999, contact was made with an "Inter-Dimensional Being" who provided "New Science & Technology" to humans. It lasted for about 5 years until communication was lost. But that was a CIA "Cover Story" attempting to fool both China and Russia that the researches were shut down. It was German Intelligence back in the early 1930s, that first made contact with "Inter-Dimensional Beings" from the Abyss. The Aliens never went anywhere and walk among humans without anyone being the wiser! The "Trump Family" are not human. Many world leaders and CEOs are Hybrids or Clones. The "Entertainment Industry" are loaded with them. Deeper meaning of the "Masonic G" refers to "Genetics". DNA GOD Codes. "Solomon's Temple" is a Star Gate. Nuclear testing from 1945 to 1998 opened a Star-Gate in the Pacific Ocean. The "Ring of Fire" a direct result of this science. Earthquakes and weird weather. Chemical treatment of the skies hide what their doing from human eyes.

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