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"Big Brother & Cannabis". G-13 government strains

"Big Brother & Cannabis". G-13 government strains that we got our hands on many years ago helped build the cannabis industry in Northern California. And President Trump said at the G7 Meeting he's going to make it legal in all 50 States. Note: G-13 is a very strong strain of cannabis Indica that was created by the CIA as a "New Super Hybrid" in the late 1960s, and Blue Dream cannabis is another clever government strain as well. The Intelligence Community is not asleep at the wheel by any means and have been covertly involved in cannabis operations going back to the early 1960s here in Northern California. The "Brotherhood of Eternal Love" is worth a peek over your morning coffee. Lots of strange bed fellows. Tim Leary, SDS, FBI Section 5, DEA Group 6, Hells Angels, Black Panthers, gee whiz .... those were the good old days. Source: Michael Kavagnah

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