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Nate Max Live The Seasonal Flu Scam & The Generational Depopulation Agenda

Its not rocket science how many more people need to get sick, injured, kids cop autism or die before the little hobbits realise its inversion hidden in plain sight De-population + a money spinner for big pharma and the globalists. You think mercury is ok then go eat a thermometer ill video tape you in the ambulance on the way to hospital. You think vaccines are safe & effective.. Any pro vaxer ill put $5k on the table for you to inject 20x of the MMR vaccine on camera. "if its safe its safe just like breating air right"? and ill record you going white and the foam coming out of your mouth while you become labotomized and turn into a vegetable. Remember 1 vaccine for a 18 month old child is equivalent of a full grown adult taking 60 vaccines in one day. Wake up human family its not pro vax vs anti vax its the elite against us all. We are trying to protect you from throwing yourself or children on the sacrificial alter because you were to stupid and selfish to do any research other than what CNN ,Foxnews "the sewage stream news" told you to believe. Your local doctor's are free masons working like prostitutes for the Rockerfellas, happy to knowingly poison off humans for a pay check from their puppet masters, loving wearing the white coat of deception full of ego and supremacy knowing its all a scam. Pharmaceutical = poison makers Dont forget big pharma is owned by illuminati familys the same ones who want you and your kids dead and are trying to reduce the population by 98% down from 7.6 billion to 500 million, BTW you are not part of that 500 million you are a bottom feeder and a useless eater taking up the natural recourses in "their words" not mine. But this is to "negative" right so you wont even look into it "the football is on "the circus" instead of empowering yourself just pass judgment onto me because i have the balls to open Pandoras box publicly. The little brain washed hobbits would rather stay in their safety box of the created mind-virus ego construct "fit in" and poison themselves rather than possibly stand out and live from a place of truth, exit the mind prison. Choose your poison, stand out possibly be judged and live free. Or have no voice and hide with the other gutless followers.. watch autism reach 1 in 2 by 2030 maybe when your child gets damaged you will believe, until then just watch the tv, trust your government, drink the tap water and if things get tough there is always Net Flicks and alcohol. I write this because i love you please wake up. Research: Georgia guide stones. Agenda 21 (now 2030) 1984 A brave new world Bilderberg group Transhumanism

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