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Cows may look different from humans, but they have way more in common with us than you’d think.

Cows may look different from humans, but they have way more in common with us than you’d think. They experience the full range of human #feelings & #emotions and have been known to form strong social ties and bond with one another, especially with their young. #Mother cows and their #babieshave distinct moos for one another and have been known to cry out for days when they’re separated. Females in the herd are also very protective and will rally together to keep all of the little ones in #goodhands … or hooves- having #heart feelings like you & me. They, like all life forms live majority on the magnetic levels, literally seen in fish & bird group consciousness formations, with few having contemplative #mind aspect as well- the reason and intellect of which #mankind's own consciousness expansion experiment has gone toward "evolution" or fallen to cyclic "involution"- devoid further of compassion let alone any divinity- knowing and unknowingly supporting a ruthlessly mechanical #FarmFactory executing life forms like any cheap commodity- so a Big Fat #GMO genetically altered lab food with luscious illusory hues & #pesticidescovering the grotesque #MANMADEartificial poor food for the common person who mostly unknowingly continue supporting for their own "animalistic desires" polarized in the 7 deadly vices, (greed, lust, jealousy, hatred etc.) totally controlled minds plugged into poisonous indoctrination and 24/7 bombardment of "culture" corporatized and made cheap plastic and dull- whom can no longer "think" outside the capacity of the low-level programming installed for zombie nation - war is #peace drone army in their self reflecting digitized selfies "soulless" by vanity. The cows in line for slaughter at the #farmfactories cry, knowing full well what death lay ahead- the stench is unbelievable demonic. Killing is wrong ...especially when its known #plantbased #natural #organic#earth #diet not only gives vital #nutritionbut heals. #Compassion is the #future. Earthlings Must watch for any meat eater..

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