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The Living Elemental Essences Of The 3 Dense Planes

The living elemental essences of the 3 dense planes [Dense Physical, Liquid Magnetic Astral (emotions/feelings), Gaseous Electric Mental planes) are in fact constantly affected by the radiant cosmic vital consciousness energies of the 12 cosmic entities known to the ancients of the 5th Aryan Root, which constantly get emitted as cosmic vital energy radiations from their huge subjectively & objectively manifested celestial bodies commonly known & referred as the 12 Zodiacal Constellations which are composed of many "solar star systems" situated as their vital energy distribution organ centers. Although the Cosmic Vital Energies are constantly radiated from these 12 constellations, their effects are more prominent according the positioning of the Solar Sun upon the ecliptic path, which are termed as the monthly governing cycles by the 5th "Aryan or Lion root". This Aryan race heritage in the ancient times was symbolically represented by the ancient Sumerian people living in modern day "Iraq & Iran" (Iran literally named after Aryan) with huge Lion sculptures having their wise Rishi Muni human heads having great mustaches & beards, and sometimes these lions bore the wings of the eagle depicting the conscious vital energies of "Scorpio Constellation" whose very ancient Aryan symbol was a Phoenix or Horus bird, later changed to an Eagle, still proudly depicted as a national symbol by the most powerful western nations including America & also Russia. The Global Movement

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