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"Personality Conscious Existences"

It is in this 3rd or lowest dimensional plane which is the densest plane, commonly known as the physical world of incarnated human existence, where all vitally manifested "personality conscious existences" known by their "incarnated form names" according to their species, hierarchical societies, shapes, sizes & colors exist. In the case of #human beings who are segregated by their race, colors, languages, belief systems, & cultures [cultures are society structures, which are usually based upon faith based rituals, festivals, food habits, hierarchical status, class systems etc]. Their "incarnated form names" after their birth upon this physical plane world, are mostly given to them by their family elders & in many scientifically advanced countries, human beings are also known with an "Allotted Mathematical Number" [social security, national insurance, voting card number etc.]. Regarding the "Liquid Magnetic Waters" [Astral plane, Dream World] the "WATERS COMPOSED OF SENTIMENT DESIRES & FEELINGS, which through its "MAGNETIC FORCE" of "#Matrix", known also as the binding web of #illusory world's attractions & repulsions or #maya, thus "Binds & Drown." The Polarities of Duality became the basis of all ACTIONS & REACTIONS, perceived as various #ILLUSIONS & #DELUSIONS. Most incarnated people even educated from 'Top Universities' & also 'Well Placed' in their respective human societies being "spiritually illiterate" are thus 'Ignorant' & 'Unaware' of this "Spiritual Fact" that the vital consciousness of incarnated human beings 'Polarized & Stuck' in it's"DEEP MAGNETIC FREQUENCY WATERS", which are related to material world's glamour & unquenchable passions of senses, thus lose their true evolutionary goal of acquiring maximum "Spiritual Experiences" which are direly needed by their evolving souls. The Global Movement

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