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Hijacking Of Evolutionary Plans

Our planet earth unfortunately due to the hijacking of the evolutionary plans as set by the solar logos in the “Archetype plane”, at the start of the grand experiment, which is known to us as our “solar system”, has unfortunately become a planet of ‘Corruption”, and thus a planet of “pain and suffering”, illegally following a “Might is right” policy, which also originally failed in the earlier chain of our earth planetary scheme. They have not upheld the proper universal law for involution and evolution known as the universal law of “Will to do Good”, which is required for the free flow of spiral cyclic rotation movement of the expanding consciousness in time and space. So the “Out finite Vision “also known as “the unbound vision”, thus defines the universal law of “#Will #to #do #Good”, which is meant for our proper #evolutionor consciousness expansion in this infinite universe thus existing in time and space, which is required for all of us to wake up from our deep slumber consciousness which is following the wrong “Might is right” policy upon planet earth or the blinds are leading the blind. The following of the universal law of “Will to do Good" is a must, otherwise the #future for all the existences and beings of our planet earth is totally bleak, with no further future to carry on, as we know of, or will like to have for our consciousness expansion. Nate Max

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