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False Promises & Corporate Greed

In Lima, the capitol of US-backed #Peru, the vast majority of people spend most of their waking hours laboring, then return in poor suffering communities. Only a few live very wealthy. In contrast to the self-serving ideology it preaches and forces on its victims, the USA itself became powerful by taking out perhaps the biggest loans in world #history and then never repaying them. Further, the loans came from unwilling lenders: the people of #Indigenous and #African nations. Well-known Israeli author Miko Peled notes in an open letter to congrees 'As a black man, you had an unprecedented opportunity to address the issues of Blacks, but you didn’t. You showed no care for Black lives or for the lives of any outside corporate America. You said little and did even less to stop the killing of Black men and the mass incarceration of the poor. You said nothing and did nothing regarding the over due payment of reparations to the descendants of slaves, men and women upon whose backs the US economy was built. And, if any proof was needed, the outcry of the [#BlackLivesMatter] movement shows that your priorities were elsewhere.' The prospects for Native peoples are even more grim. Members of #Native nations remain the people killed most often per capita by US government forces. As one Native person commented: “There are no white or black faces rallying around us, marching with us, protesting with us over this #injustice. Why? Because we are a forgotten people.” There is a micro & a macro view here that is most important. Yes each community matters and needs to do what it can to stay afloat but also important is the larger landscape of all kinds of people who are stuck in negative systems with no way out. The fake and heartless come in all skin tones and all faiths. Its what we do & how good we do it, which matters. We are a United People when we stand connected in Solidarity for the "Will To Do Good". If we can't understand Unity in Diversity than nobody will listen to another groups worries, especially if its far removed. This is exactly how America stands, eaten hollow by international corporate entities with no regard for doing any good for majority. Nate Max

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