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Who is knowingly or unknowingly followers of the dark conscious demonic forces?

The basic problem related to the willful continuation of wrong conduct mostly involving ‘'corruption’’ lies in this very fact, that none of the incarnating ‘'avatars’’ were to exist as the powerful rulers of the evolving humanity for a long time during their own incarnated time period, so they could with their god given authority ‘'decree’’, the righteous way of living, which is required for human evolution, but instead most of them were wrongly tortured and made fun of by those members of human society Who are knowingly or unknowingly followers of the dark conscious demonic forces, and as most avatars did not write much themselves or whatever they wrote was conveniently either altered or taken out and willfully discarded by the later rulers whose desire minds were deceitfully controlled by the invisible demonic beings and entities, and their elite helpers deceitfully professing to be spiritual masters upon the physical plane of this planet earth, and thus the corruption still illegally continues even falsely under the names of holy avatar’s through the established huge religious foundations [soulless corporations], Who mostly indulge secretly in the money making affairs, as most ‘'non spiritual’’ human beings who appear like religious people, in fact in their actions and conduct, are truly the followers of the dark forces, and only believing in themselves, and in the one life concept, wrongly established by corrupt politicians, law makers, bankers controlling monetary affairs, industrialists, and soulless corporations traded for fast riches, who later joined these religious organizations, to obtain ‘'name and fame’’ by officiating in important roles, with no ‘'true interest or deep rooted spiritual belief’’ in the unknowable Most High. Sethikus Boza The Art of Hyper Dimensional Warfare

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