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Natural Antibiotics that our Ancestors Used INSTEAD OF PILLS

You’ve probably used oregano as a flavoring in your favorite Italian dishes without even realizing the health benefits that it contains. Beyond its antibacterial properties, oregano can help with digestion and aid in weight loss. An oil that is found in oregano, Carvacrol, has been found to fight the bacteria that can lead to infections. The oil of oregano has been found to treat digestive infections, food poisons, colds, and even one particular yeast infection. It is more than just a food flavoring. It literally is natures strongest antibiotic or "Natures Flu Shot", a handy homeopathic medicine always useful in times of colds coming on or worse. Its super strong so a few drops will do you well. Drink plenty of water. At night take a "probiotic" once infection is gone- to build back up "good bacteria" in the gut. Nobody takes a flushot without boosting their health after if they don't want to loose all immunity and lay open to actually getting sick. The doctors don't say a peep- hardly knowing right from nature & wrong over prescribed pills and vaccines. We can learn nutritional healing and prevent health care problems and not rely so heavily on broken sick care systems of greed & no oversight with old corporate programs guiding the way. Lets grow our own evolutionary organic herbal tonic hospitals which educate and build community through truth. If one is already sick- the natural balance is already broken and stronger antibiotics are used such as oregano oil in organic nature. #organic #food #health #nutrition #truth#monsanto #fda #evolution #diet#healthcare #immunity #antibiotic #nature

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