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Iraq Before & After

We went into Iraq in pursuit of imaginary weapons of mass destruction. Iraq was a total failure, leaving utter chaos for miles wide. We went into Afghanistan to disrupt the ability of al-Qaida, to not have been successful, loosing back to the Taliban, at the cost of many lives & much money. But we remain there, supporting a government that is probably no less corrupt at heart than Moammar Gadhafi's. We do business with countries that have shameful records on human rights because we need what they have to sell or, like China, they buy up our debt and allow our government to function as it does. Egypt managed to have a revolution without us, for which the people deserve much credit. They inspired a worldwide wave of Awakening. The Bahrain Revolution [also suppressed heavily], The London Riots, the Israeli Summer, the worldwide Occupy movements in all their differentiations. Will they form a lasting democracy? Well no they utterly have failed with a military coup overthrow, massive protester jailing and assassinations, even more extreme laws, and martial law state authorities in place... and most of all the dictator Mubarak has been freed, his dirty henchmen back to power, and the firm US annual military kickback left with a General become el presidente in the circus house. A poor merchant man lit himself on fire in the market in Tunisia west of Egypt, because of the massive corruption there, which began the Tunisian Revolution & inspired the youth in Egypt. Technology was a critical component to a new way of communication with groups of people whom never knew each other prior. Waves of Justice movements continue on today, as every level of government in all nations are corrupted and broken hanging on to old archaic systems which support the very negativity and sufferings currently in place today. Nate Max

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