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Flu Shots "The Seasonal Scam"

"Cheap flu shots" come labotomize your whole family!! 😂 Its really important for big pharma profits & the De-Population program being headed up by Bill Gates and the globalists army of Pedophiles that you "DONT" do your own research and just blindly trust your local doctor or "Rockerfella Minion" as i call them who will tell you their catch phrase "its safe and effective". Its not safe and its never been effective... EVER!!

The fact doctors get paid to vaccinate / poison your family shouldn't matter, its not like there is any financial gain to be made "like funding their next over seas trip or that new porche" Just pretend that the local doctor doesn't have vaccine targets to hit each month to get those bonuses from the real drug dealers and home wreckers "big pharma" for Soft Killing the human family.

Also dont read the vaccine insert that clearly states the vaccines don't work and definitely ignore all the toxins chemicals and warnings on there too like: it causes autism and hundreds of other side effects , which are just really effects from injecting your temple with foreign materials.

Its not like injecting yourself with the very diseases your trying to aviod is a bad idea, i mean its simple right..."shoot yourself with lots of small bullets before the big one hits you" 😨 is obviously just good common sense right haha ohh lordy!!

The most important thing is profits dont forget healthy humans are not a sustainable business model for the pharmaceutical industry.

Injecting your children with aborted fetuses destroys & alters your DNA & RNA , add in the adjuvants, time release cancer bombs, mercury, heavy metals, aluminum is very safe and effective right no sweat . Ill have 2 please 😂

On the other hand we must ban natural therapies and essential oils because they are evil and snake oil trickery or because big pharma cant make money of nature..

Wake up people you have been lied to about everything .. Agenda 21 baby do some research and stop throwing your family on the sacrificial alter.

Detox 4x a year, eat good food from your garden, stop eating animal excreetion, exercise, do yoga, get plenty of sun, drink clean water , meditate, get into nature ,dont put anything on your body that you would not put in your mouth. Most importantly stay away from your local free mason doctor who knows nothing about actual health and you will live a happy long life.

Nate Max

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