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Doctor Confirms "Chem Trail Lung" Epidemic

UPDATE April 25th: Doctors name is ENRICO MELSONBY. I'm 85% sure it's him. Am looking into this and will make an update on it soon | Thank you Rachel for filming and sharing this! This is, ABC Host of 'The Wildlife Docs', Rachel Reenstra, interviewing a Doctor in LA, who CONFIRMS what we already know! "Ch3m7ra1L Lung" IS a REAL Upper Respiratory infection caused by the heavy metals that are 5pray3d on us daily! Having suffered this myself for over 8 weeks, I feel this needs to be out there! I like to think of myself as always having been a picture of health... never smoked.. rarely drink.. Ive never been sick (until getting this) in over a decade. Ex Ironman athlete, & ultra marathon finisher... I've always eaten healthy and have always maintained around 12 to 15 percent body fat... This form of 'bronchitis' does exist and IS real. Please download and Mirror this everywhere! Rach's channel here:

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