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Working Out During A Lucid Dream

Yes incredible isn't it, true as well, mind-to-muscle connection... our brains are a lot more powerful than we may ever understand...🙇🏿🙇🏼🙇 🗯 Harnessing the powers of lucid dreaming are truly incredible ... 🗯 When you take the weekend for example, and instead of partying, you work towards your goals📑, whatever that may be; art🖼, business👔, creativity etc, you are instantly putting yourself ahead of 90% of the population, which netflixes-and-chills all weekend, then come Monday and they're not where they want to be...😕 🗯 Using your time wisely is the best thing you could do. So, what is it else that 90% of the population does? They FORGET their dreams🌫, and they generally have no idea that they can in fact, engineer their own dreams... 🗯 start by writing your dreams down, keep a dream journal right beside your bed🛏📝, when you wake up and freshly remember a dream, write it down... the more you put your intent into remembering your dreams, the sooner you will begin to lucid dream...👀 🗯 What happens if you; study lucid dreaming, become able to lucid dream every night, practising your sport, studying, working out, etc? You gain the SAME experience in your brain, as if you actually WORKED all night long... but you are even more well-rested...👁 🗯 That is literally mind blowing. 30% of people's lives are spent asleep. Make use of your sleep-time my friends. You can gain much experience and be farther and farther ahead of the herd, BUT, don't forget to help the herd ahead as well😝 🗯 Stay tune for more posts on lucid dreaming and the insane benefits... Connecting_consciousness

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