Gathering Of Momentum 20 "Reddox Signalling Molecules" Featuring Alan Noble, Su Fenn &amp

This is a powerful interview where we talk about a new technology now available ASEA Reddox Signalling molecules which has emerged with the incredible potential to help solve the health crisis we are seeing globally on earth. I spoke with Alan Noble "Asea Expert" who has been changing peoples lives around the world with this product literally giving people a clean bill of health, restoring their bodies and giving athletes that edge over the competition , its a very powerful story from Alan not only with his own life but the creation and Timeline of this company ASEA. We only scratched the surface on ASEA & Renu 28 but we still uncovered so much of how, why and the incredible science behind it all, it really is profound. There is only so much we are allowed to say on the interview there is so much it does that we can not say but trust me the testimonials I have heard and the results im seeing my self are astonishing.

I also flowed with Su Fun A model / Lifeguard & close friend of mine who has been going through a very traumatic process fighting a battle against "Morgellons" Which is Angelic Nano Technology / Disease which has started to appear in the last few years which looks to have come from off-world and is connected to A.I. and other dark factions. It's a Bi-product of & connected to Geo & Bioengineering programs, the terraforming of our planet and extinction protocol, this bioweapon is the merging of humans with machines & a way for 4th-dimensional entities to interface & enter into our realm and hijack the human vessel. It interfaces with The 5g Net work, Cell "GWEN" Towers, & the unseen realms, we are talking intelligent technology & black magic.

This disease is a living breathing replicating swam / Hive mind consciousness which feeds on vital life force wrapping its self to the DNA of the host and feeds upon our light source. Its not only a physical disease with photo ionized colourful strands which can be seen under the microscope, but this Technology actually grows, moves around the body and leeches out from the skin when the immune system tries to reject it.

Harald Kautz Vella has connected the dots of this Off-world tech I highly suggest that you check out his videos :

"Harald Kautz Vella Black Goo. A.I. Morgellons"

Or watch my Gathering of Momentums which I Interviewed Harald on 3 different occasions. This is a super hard thing to get out of the body, lots of people have asked me and Harald how to counter this parasitic creature, so far there has been no real protocol, MMS, Turpentine, Heavy metal detoxes, Spiritual Clearing, Herbs, frequency machines but none that been super effective. It also gets charged up off the phone towers and EFM radiation literally its intelligent & synthetic. These tiny fibres when removed from the body and put under the microscope actually lean towards your finger if you point that them. We are literally living in a science fiction movie and its here on earth growing each day.

The unhealthy humans who don't catch this will tap out there is going to be a great divide in humanity. Those who get into true health will transcend this reality and the ones left will see a very average short life and will not be in control of their minds.

This is a fact there is no fence sitting from here on in.

Another issue is that mainstream doctors won't even admit that its happening even though there is plenty of reserch now, they ignore it and refuse to look into it they will either try put you into a mental hospital or think you have a drug addiction because one of the symptoms is a feeling of the skin crawling and things moving under the skin which is exactly what is happening, not to mention the voices in the mind due to the parasites in the brain, controlling the mind and Hijacking the physical body, creating addictions and craving for what it needs. There are Pentagon Shaped Pizio electric Nanocrystals being found in peoples, skin, urine, hair and on everything in nature.

These are being sprayed and dropped by the Geoengineering

Planes. These are RF nano chips which flash under bright lights or when near a heat source are sending / Receiving information & signals to an "external source"

This can all be found on the internet and verified like I said research Harald Kautz Vella broadband scientist with 13 different degrees from Germany.

Anyhow this product as you will see from this interview is profound nothing like it a world first, I'm using it and will not stop using it that's for sure. My gut health has increased and my strength and Sleeping has moved in leaps and bounds. I have been dosing my dog as well and he is so much more playful and happy. I use this in my protocol for people with cancer, autism and everything else, really its full spectrum healing on a cellular level and there is no one who will no benefit from it.

ASEA introduction

If you want to be an affiliate to the Nate Max Team ASEA & work with me by being a trusted distributor in your country and sell these products connect with me and we will get you up and running with plenty of training and information.

If you want to purchase the anti ageing Face gel RENU 28 or ASEA liquid here is the link below.

Just click on Buy here at the top of the screen. There are big discounts for those who want to sign up or go onto auto ship. This product sells its self and you can use my video to promote your business. This supports what I do each and every day, its keeps me going putting the truth out there and I want to thank the people who will no doubt become part of our team for supporting me. Gathering Of Momentum 21 ASEA

Nate Max Investigative Researcher, thought pioneer & visionary into human potential

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