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Gathering Of Momentum 19 "Mk Ultra Mind & Gun Control The Scary Connection"

Hey beautiful people here is the latest installment of @Nate_Max_Tv YouTube & PodCasts. We solidified the connection between these mass shootings and mind control, how its carried out and the process that takes place. We spoke about the Spy Ops with D a vi d Ho g g the crisis actor "operation hog wash", the disarmament of the American public & how history repeats its self, the human connection to all things and Ejay showed C.I.A -Unclassified documents proving that humans can affect physical matter and the reality around them with their minds. We went into the esoteric realm and some deep territory but finished with some take-home tips and solutions for navigating the matrix and ways to stay happy centered and balanced at all times. This is the first time EJay (@freedom_faction), Shayne Benattar (@Connecting_Consciousness) & My self (Nate Max Tv) have worked together and cross-pollinated. This was an exciting interview for things to come in the future, combined across our platforms we have over 500,000 Followers and growing each day which is pretty exciting, definitely a big deal and rivaling the sewage stream media news outlets on the TV. You can post pics of half naked selfies of yourself all day long saying "happy Easter" like a complete moron and get a huge following of sex-crazed idiots, but I dare you to post the truth and see how it pans out for you, see who actually cares about your "material" you will see that its all surface level and how fast your following drops off, every "like" in the truth media is worth 50 likes in the mundane selfie self-serving material fame and false pride realms. This old energy of external worship is ending, people are seeing how stupid selfies and & the fake life on Instagram really is. Time to get that human connecting back and that all starts with truth, opening the heart to love, letting it control the mind, serving your life's purpose and working through the programs most people are running like feeling"unloved" or "not good enough". Nate Max Tv

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