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Anti Gravity Beetle Technology "Mother Nature Has Everything We Need"

Now this legend Viktor spent a lifetime studying insects, bugs, electromagnetism (such as Tesla) and levitation/anti-gravity technology.🔮🐞You can research and see for yourself (type in Viktor Grebennikov Anti-Gravity and Levitation on YouTube) the Russian military testing anti-gravity devices and single-manned levitation pods. I have to say this is 2018 and peculiar things are emerging.🐞Is electromagnetism and resonances how they put blocks into place at the pyramids of Giza and the Mayan temples? If you guessed yes, you may be correct. Anti Gravity In nature: From Dung Beetles converted into Steal Bomber Technology. Mother Nature really has all the answers and the further we get away from nature the further we fall away from our life's purpose and being in flow state. I find it interesting that the one thing we as humans can all agree on is that life is better in nature. We heal, we flourish, we feel supported, we play, make love, be creative, our innate intuition comes on stronger, our dreams go hyper dimensional.... Yet the very thing we can't live with out we are destroying. Weather it be through our choices of what we eat, "meat and dairy the most un sustainable practices on the planet" destroying our rivers, oceans, rain forests and polluting everything not to mention the 58 billion living sentient beings being kept in the most inhumane conditions which make the holocaust "what we actually know of it" seem like a walk in the park, then slaughtered each year for food (blood ritual) when we don't even need to be eating them nor are we carnivore's. Animal protein being the number 1 cause of cancer in men to add to the list. No ever said I cured my cancer on a all meat diet :) The System always looks to the most complicated way of trying to fix things rather then the simple solutions we can do this moment right now. EG: Global warming, global cooling, climate change what ever name you want to give it, its all bull shit. We tax carbon which is a naturally occurring pathogen that plants need to breathe "YES IT'S PLANT FOOD". In California and many places they pump carbon into the green houses to get the trees to grow faster, there is also a process called "carbon fertilization" which is when the Co2 from a coal powered plant blows down wind and the forests surrounding grow up to 25% faster due to the extra carbon dioxide. More carbon dioxide =means the more life flourishes. The funny thing is the carbon tax credits scheme is owned by the same corporations that are polluting the world in the first place and goes back into the hands of the big polluters like Al Gore , Obama, The Bush Or Bayer family and other satanic Pedo's you all know. Rather than Taxing and Banning any foul practices, they add a tax which "we pay" and give that money back to the evil creating the problems. GOOD PLAN LOL. Climate change BTW is a natural occurring cycle, the world has been getting cooler and hotter since day dot. There has never been a time in recorded history that the climate was ever stable EVER... Climate change is now due to Geo Engineering & Climate Engineering but climate scientists don't want to talk about that do they?? We need to focus on global pollution, the de forestation & the consumption of meat and dairy and un sustainable practices NOT Co2 FFS. Simple solutions right: I Have one are we ready??? So why doesn't every country on earth just say well more trees are clearly the answer so... Lets plant more trees!!!!! Seeing trees create a stable climate, the , support our fury friends, help from land from degradation and with trees we can create massive food forests to end hunger. Each country set aside 500 million to turn a bunch of the deserts into massive forests and well tap into a primary refreshing station "which is a ever lasting water source that comes from under ground" Gadafi From Libya created this to supply fresh unlimited water to all of Africa, through a multi billion dollar water pipe line over 15 years, but then good old NATO the Rothschild's "Puppet Army" decided to bomb that with depleted uranium so they could never use this water source again. Good old western politics right. This would end hungry and stop and climate change discussion and create more peace on earth. How simple is that.. Every human can plant a few trees each, the governments can subsidy this process and we can create a stable future for the next generations. But what are we focusing on instead? everything but the simple stuff. What it boils down to is the government is run by a Satanic group of puppet masters a bunch of tired scared old men who want to see the destruction of earth, so its up to us the human beings of earth with a heart and a soul to band together and collectively work in unity to create a better world. Throwing our cultural and religious differences in the bin and focus on a better world. If Dung beetles have anti gravity wings and we can create Stealth Bombers i'm pretty sure as a human race we can just go plant some trees together right?? Much Love Nate Max

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