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The Re Emergence of The Divine Feminine Part 1

The Re Emergence of The Divine Feminine Part 1. A new special series to help men and women heal and grow spiritually but also to ignite something inside to help humans to communicate deeply and walk through the triggers and emotional wounding we all carry, which appears in our relationships.The world is starved for love ,men and women, a culture that struggles to talk deep truths, show affection and scratch below the surface. The dating scene is a joke and with social media and soul destructive apps like instagram its making our dis connection to each other even bigger.

Although this means its a very special time that we can be way showers and re create ourselves setting a precedend and create our own way of evolving our unconditional love, allowing the divine feminine to re emerge across the earth once again. Men have been in control of this realm for so many generations and lets be honest the state of affairs on earth are hardly great, its about time we let the beautiful women play a role in our evolution. This series is about learning and co creating, but being accountable for our actions or In-action. Being honest with our selves and seeing where we need to work on our selves.

We all play a role in the suppression of women some in ways we don't even realize.. I hope you enjoy this video it was recorded some time ago but I feel it needs to be out there now. Big Thanks To Keira Kristin a big role model in my life someone who I learn off every time we see each other and i have so much love and respect for truly a divine female who is doing the work, a voice that needs a stage..

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