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Amazing Family's Choosing to not poison their children with Vaccines

Ig: # off_grid_adventures bus life adventures 2.0!! I have been meeting up with so many of my core tribe. Seeing how they live taking the good bits of each family unit learning so much and intergrating it into co creation. So impressed with these family's who decided to make their own rules and create their own way of living jumping of the 9-5 hampster wheel slavery system.

Literally living the dream some can only imagine. Its not always flowers and rainbows but i see the profound results happiness and family unity bond.

I see love and something words cant describe.. a connection beyond the seen realms, the bigger picture working.

Im being inspired to bring kids into this world after hanging with such beautiful familys who actually love each other, parents and children who work in symbiosis, mums and dads who show affection, kindness and love each day.

Kids who love and respect their parents. Little ones that are so smart, polite & tapped in literally on another level asking me questions years above their age, indego light workers. Im blown away.. Incredible.. non vaccinated (non labotomized) little world changers.

After seeing so many kids and familys its been beautiful to see what home schooled kids can be like. Rather than turning them into consumer's and indoctrinating these amazing beings to be followers.

Im seeing kids with unlimited potential that reaches so far beyond anything i see in the Rockerfella education system. So proud and happy so many people are doing their own research on the vaccine topic and choosing to not throw their children on the sacrificial alter due to ignorance and lack of research. You guys are amazing thank you for living your truth xo

My friends live in a bus with 2 kids 2 dogs and they are possibly one the most amazing family i have met. It really shows that you actually always have everything you need in life is just an arm length away. You create your own reality with your inner perception of your self and the world around you.

Its time for us as a people to start making some changes, lets change the way we eat, lets change the way we live, and lets change the way we treat each other.You see the old way wasn't working so its on us, to do what we gotta do to survive. "2 pac Shakur" Nate Max Investigative researcher, thought pioneer, Visionary

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