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Soft Kill Documented & Proven The Masses Are Awakening..

The soft killing off of the human population is well under way. Its a 5 step process. 1. Poison the water with industrial waste. Getting rid of billions of dollars of waste for free contaminants like fluoride "which comes from the fertilizer & aluminium industries" This is proven by Harvard university 30+ times in studies that it increase cancer rates, bone disease 10 fold, lowers IQ by an average of 15 point iq and sterilizes humans. 2. GMO food & Herbicides, insecticides, pesticides. Destroy the mineral & nutrient content of food so we have a race of humans internally starving not able to function & make good decisions to tired and run down to resist tyranny. Alter the DNA of the food which degenerates our own DNA which then impacts generations to come. Its proven Glyphosate causes cancer and birth defects, neurological disorders, infertility yet its sprayed all over our food and in council areas were our children play. GMO food in the 5th generation studies on rates were 99% infertile with massive organ failure and brain damage we are entering the 3rd generation in humans. 3. Phone towers, EMF , GWEN Towers, HAARP , NEXRAD frequency weapons. We are being bombarded with high frequency EMF which destroys the mitochondria and forces our bodies into fight or flight mode, pushed our intetnal frequency down into a vibration of fear, degeneration and anxiety. These frequencies speed up the growth of cancer, mould "Candida" and super charge the heavy metals in our bodies. Now days they are strapping phone towers to water tanks destroying the natural frequecy of water into that if disease and sickness. 4. Geo Engineering blasting us daily with frequency & covering earth with toxic chemicals like barium strontium, magnese literally mind control keeping our consciousness at a low level. 5. Vaccines Egypt, Mexico, china, italy have all released main stream studies proving vaccines are dangerous cause cancer, autism and are not effective... Question is when will you stop watching the fake news and start taking control of your life.. You have the answers and can research on the net there is no excuse now. This is just the obvious surface level programs that any village idiot can research and awaken to the knowledge him self, going on there is another 5 levels deep with mind control and also Spiritual warfare which I will talk about in another post.. Harald Kautz Vella , Shayen Benattar & Nate Max Geo Engineering & Spiritual warfare

Neil Pascoe Thought Pioneer, Visionary, Human Being

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