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Problem Reaction Solution North Korea The Next Staged Puppet Act

Problem Reaction Solution 101. The facts about North Korea, a country which only has electricity in 2 of its cities "Yes that's right" a primitive communist country run by the C.I.A operative Kim Jong Un. Hardly a threat for the U.S. who has over 800 "known" military bases around the world. The most extensive drag net spying opperation ever in history, a huge fleet of drones, space weapons, tactical nukes, submarines, war ships , air craft carriers, fighter jets and the most ...dangerous group of special forces "marines" foot army on earth, capable of taking out any threat.

If this man is such a problem then "assassinate him" it's that simple. Dont drag 25 million poor communist oppressed North Korean citizens into the mix. How do innocent people following a murderous dictators orders deserve to be nuked due to this leaders mental instability. These are loving human beings who were unlucky enough to grow up in a fucked up country run by a psychopath.

The U.S. can shoot any nuke out of the sky with their Nanotech RF chip missile tracking & defence system being sprayed on us each day "geo engineering" or chem trails.

Which is a real time 3d mapping system of the United Nations "Rothschilds" controlled regions of earth, capable of tracking missiles by the millimeter. Geo Engineering Is not just extinction protocol / DNA altering alien tech but it's also terraforming and organic life destroying.

No sane human would dare nuke another country over 1 leaders poor decisions. Let the people decide if a country goes to war, we are the 99% we should vote. I'm sure you will find that NO ONE wants war. No country deserves that. Check out the satellite image in the photo it shows North Korea black with 2 spots only showing electricity.

The Bush administration and his cronies gave North Korea the tech to build tactical nukes and long range missiles via China. So why give someone who is a crazy controlled agent this ability to create killing machines?

Its simple "Problem Reaction Solution". All the problems of this world are easy to fix, the problem is the people in control ARE the problem.

Know thy enemy.... Its not the North Korean population , it's not C.I.A state run and funded ISIS puppet show, it's not Assad and it sure as hell is not the general population on earth.

The real terrorists wear suits, ties, control the Mega Banks, run the Main Stream media, the big Corps drilling for oil, directors of the pharmaceutical industry, don't forget the dogs that make the weapons for war.

Oh yes and North Korea is mineral rich.. Just like Syria.. Who has one of the largest veins of lithium worth trillions.

Have a think to yourself who gains from war? Who is the real war against?

Shift your focus

Time to wake the fuck up Neil Pascoe

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