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The Power Of Symbols part 2

HERE IT IS, FOLKS! After several THOUSAND HOURS of research and production its finally here! This is the continuation of Symbols of Power pt 1 which you can watch here

This presentation dives DEEP into human #physiology and its correspondence to #esoteric #symbols and #archetypes, as well as sacred sexuality, the power of the orgasm, and an ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL CONCEPT i call "As Above: So Below the Belt". THIS WILL... COMPLETELY BLOW YOUR MIND!

This Presentation took me over SEVERAL THOUSAND HOURS of research and editing to complete for you to enjoy.

part 1 of the series can be found here: "Everything we sense visually in order to perceive this reality, passes through the Sphenoid bone. It IS the gateway or doorway into the mind. If our senses and perception can be manipulated with media and stimuli (propaganda), I posit, would be exactly why the Moloch Owl, the Monarch butterfly and the Luna Moth are chosen symbols of iconography by the Royal EL-itist ELders of the #Illuminati such as in Bohemian Grove, the White House layout, Big Pharma and so much more!" Grasp the KEYSTONE that unlocks internal symbolism and displays of personal wisdom and power!

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Cullen Smith "Lifting The Veil"

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