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Falcon 9 Rocket Launch? Or Something Else...

Elon Musk founder of Space X launched its Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Lompoc, California. The rocket was carrying 10 low-orbit satellites from Iridium Communications. Note: Elon Musk is also connected with Google's "Artificial Intelligence Project" using D-Wave, which purports to access "Inter-Dimensional Universes" through quantum computing, which they believe will allow them to reach "Singularity". Many tech billionaires think that this organic realm i...s controlled by the Beast 666 Matrix and they want to break free from its manipulation. Is "Singularity" connected to "End Times" of Western Civilization? The "Illuminati Blueprint" is the "Book of Revelations". Question: What if Elon Musk is a "Front Man" for Deep State? Back in 2015, Musk and his companies had received $4.9 Billion Dollars in Government Grants and Tax Incentives. And in 2016 his Space X Company was given an additional $5.5 Billion Dollars in Government Contracts as well. Why is Musk getting so much government money? Is this story connected to 5G Technology? This is no a space x rocket..... Its the same ufo Phenomenon we have seen many times before. space x is the cover up from NASA as per usual. Listen to the presenter say it just looked like a bright con trail haha WDF.

Michael Kavaganah

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