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Mind Control On A Mass Scale

Words can enter a person's mind and force compliance, simply because of how the mind is hard wired. You can control humans with words, a computer code of sorts for the human psyche. You can cast spells with words and that's why the art of putting together this computer code (words) is called "spelling." Advanced spells are called "curses" and that's why the advanced form of writing is called "cursive." A person's who believes they're too smart to be "hacked" in this way, has... already been hacked. Thinking can make the mind and psyche immune to spells and curses. This is why our language itself and our education systems are based on "repeating", which is the opposite of thinking.

All mind control experiments proved that the human mind can be more easily hacked, when polluted and sedated. Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, sugar, narcotics and toxins condition the mind to be hacked easier and more effectively. This is why there's a coffee house on every corner and why the government streamlines the selling of alcohol and cigarettes........while claiming altruistic care of the populace. This is also why the opioids are organized to be delivered into our communities and why the marijuana is set to be sold in Canada next summer by the goverment. This is why the toxic fluoride is in the toothpaste and why the medical system distributes pHARMA poisons, under the guise of health. All designed so our ancient social enginners can hack your mind better, with their spells and curses. Do you know what's going on? Are you sure? More information on mind control at this added link........

Jason started Physical Limits Fitness in 1994 at the age of 24. He has written over 1000 health articles, with hundreds appearing in many newspapers across Canada. Jason has been interviewed recently by several US radio stations regarding his principles on healthy living. Jason was also invited to speak on health topics on The CBS Morning Show and also appeared briefly on the Dr. Phil Show featuring fitness trainers from across North America. Jason is currently writing a book tabulating the steps that he used to lead a healthy and addiction free life.

Jason specializes in exercise coaching, functional stretching, self sabotage, healthy living principles, overcoming addiction, weight loss, healing while facing a health crisis and small business start up consulting. Jason believes that health is about developing habits based in self love and self respect, as a way to propel one through life in a successful way.

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