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Gross Violation Of Human Rights In Palestine

Statement by the deputy speaker of Israeli Knesset, March 2001

"This week, Israel's policy of blockading the villages and towns of the West Bank and Gaza reached pernicious and horrifying heights... ... Residents in the territories have not been able to move beyond the limited parameters of their homes. Children prevented from attending school, people cannot get to work, this sick remain without medical care. Food Supplies, already scarce, are dwindling. People are truly suffering. Collective punishment of civilians is a gross violation of Human Rights. The imposition of a choking closure 'choking closure', or for that matter, a 'breathing closure' ( note the insensitivity official terminology) is effectively strangulating millions of Palestinians and creating immense human misery. The purposes of the closure policy are as ambiguous as they are counterproductive. Ostensibly, the blockade of Palestinians is meant to curb terrorist acts... but for every terrorist caught in such a net, tens are bred in the morass of hunger, anger and frustration evoked bye these pernicious restrictions...

The damage wrought by the closure is unspeakable. Israel has exposed itself to justifiable International condemnation... Above all, Israel has directly caused untold human misery. As long as the territories captured in 1967 are under Israeli control, Israel bears full responsibility for what occurs in those areas. Protestation notwithstanding, the paralysis of Palestinians is an Israeli action and the moral onus is Israel's to bear - and most shameful and ethically indefensible burden indeed. It should neither be excused nor condoned The blockads must be lifted and the policy of closures must be stopped now."

Naomi Chazan, speaker of the Israeli Knesset, in The Jerusalem Post, 3/16/2001 . . Trump missing the Point on Palestine

A Brief History on Palestine / Israel

Some videos of what the main stream media does not show us about the gross atrocities in Palestine.

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