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Do You Think Humans Are The Only Sentient Beings That Have Souls?

Animals Our Friends We Need To Protect

Do we think our cats and dogs are the only animals that feel love, compassion, pain, suffering, etc? Imagine your fridge full of pieces of your dog or cat? 🗯 What's the difference between one dead animal and another? Cultural norms? Aha. 🗯 Is there a garden in your fridge? Or a morgue? 🗯 Do we believe that meat and dairy is good for us, like we were taught in our Rockefeller-owned education systems? 🗯 Are we capable of changing our old ways of thinking? Should we judge animals intelligence on our ability to comprehend them. A civilisation can be determined on a consciousness level by the way the people treat animals. If you would not eat another human then why would you eat a beautiful creature..?? The dairy Industry In 5 Mins

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