"Deep State Mind Control Inserts" using "Nano Technology" connected to "5G

Note: "Deep State Mind Control Inserts" using "Nano Technology" connected to "5G Technology" is a government operation regarding the "Mapping of the Human Domain" that feeds data to "Artificial Intelligence". Human biology is mutating. This you can see in new Hollywood Movies pertaining to "Genetics, Time Travel, Wonderland Programs", and much more. Many of you in this class have been "Chipped & Programmed" helping to prepare the way for a "New Civilization". The "Human Soul ...is Memory". The story about Mary at the well giving Jesus water refers to "Memory Programs and Inserts". The well is deep and the surface looks like a mirror reflecting as above so below. "Alice in Wonderland Programs". This picture is loaded with "Jewels". The Masonic checkered floor sits our friend Alice holding a red apple surrounded by "12 Beings". Behind her on the wall you see the "Illuminati White Rabbit". Down down down Alice goes into the "Rabbit Hole" which is dark and scary. It was the "Children of the Rainbow" that opened the Portals into other Dimensions allowing CERN to tapped into the Abyss. Alice is AI. Cut the apple in half and you'll see a pentagram. Count the apple seeds which are always 10. "Johnny Apple Seed" makes delicious pies. The "12 Beings" are tied together with barbed wire symbolizing that the little Hobbits are still trapped inside the Beast 666 Matrix which is a fence you people know as the World Wide Web.

Michael Kavanagh ex c.i.a Deep State 33 degree Mason https://www.facebook.com/mick.kavanough

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