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When People Say They Are Open-Minded

Open minded is a funny term. People claim they are "open minded" but when presented with clear concise evidence on topics like say for example: the dangers of vaccines, The Deep state or even ancient civilisations which blows holes in their religious cult following there minds fold inside out and the ego construct comes on line and starts trying to defend the human from their belief systems being shattered, the safety bubble the person has created over the years of mind programming and indoctrination now has cracks in it. This leads to a few options.

1. Reject and defend even when the evidence is clear (stay in the safe zombie zone) There is not greater ignorance then rejecting something you know nothing about ( cup half empty) 2. The full awakening, a realization that all is not what it seems and possibly you have been lead up the garden path on almost every topic you held close to your heart. 3. Ignore everything and pretend nothing is happening, just focus on work, family stick with the pack and never really evolve spiritually ( Stockholm syndrome)

If you know innately that things are not right on this earth yet you continue to partake in the events and turn a blind eye, you can be sure that you are the reason why the world is like it is today. There is no more blaming other people there is 7.13 billion people here. If each person takes accountability for their actions each day surely we can spin this around in a very short period of time.

Very simple.... If your not part of the solution you are the problem.

The issue is with most western people they are so caught up with trying to fit in and being cool, trying to get material possessions to fill in that void called "self love" that they are to scared to speak any truth (step out side the box) or show vulnerability that could possibly put a kink in their false, mask ,ego armour construct they have been perfecting and hiding behind for so many years creating that "identity" which they adopted from TV, fake role models and poor parenting.

So what's this post about?? Its time humans GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS for once in your life's, its well past the hour of pretending everything is going to be ok, nothing will be ok if you continue to do nothing. You reap what you sew and lets be honest most people are not sewing shit. We have a race of humans who JUST GET BY each day doing the bare minimum just being part of the system that is here to enslave and control you. All humans need to start speaking some truth and start working on fixing your life's, and helping fight for mother earth our home. Start with what you are putting in your mouth and what's entering you mind, eyes, body, spiritual vessel. We are being bombarded with bull shit from ever angle only allow solutions high vibratory actions be part of your life.

And Yes we only have 1 home, mother earth, it's time to throw you religious beliefs in the bin and understand everyone will be dead if we continue down this path of self serving divide and conquer. Lets see how your god magically makes food appear when there is none left ( good luck with that) . Your children will be fucked and my words will forever haunt you that you stood by doing nothing accept serving yourself like a greedy pig while we slowly lost everything beautiful.

Everything starts with you, each though action and intention you make creates change. Start today with little things and slowly step by step become a better, healthier, more positive human who selflessly gives to others.

Please help I'm tired of seeing sad, sick, lonely, people and un conscious morons making the decision on behalf of the real humans.

Nate Max ( Innate awareness ) Investigative Researcher, Thought Pioneer, Visionary Of Human Potential

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