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The Gold Standard

Good morning class from the "Gaia Wellness & Healing Center" located here in Colorado. The coffee is good and I'm in a happy headspace. Its nice to be away from drama and relax without crazy shit running around inside your head. Reading reports from around the world I'm seeing massive fires and flooding. Could this be the government using weather as a weapon? Haven't seen much activity with chemtrails lately which makes me wonder about certain things? And, it seems that China is taking over Africa according to Intelligence Reports. Also the "Silk Road" from Russia to China is coming along rather nicely too. Both Russia and China are back on the "Gold Standard" with America catching up in the near future explaining why Trump is going to bring down the Federal Reserve. Gold is a conductor of electricity. Is the gold a cover for something more profound regarding "Inter-Dimensional" activities? Was Twin Towers really a portal connected to CERN? Building 7 the command center? The "First Manhattan Project" was the atomic bomb and the "Second Manhattan Project" was Twin Towers. Each connected to the "Secret Space Program". NASA is disinformation. Nothing more than a movie studio. Is 5G Technology connected to Inter-Dimensional Beings? Human DNA is mutating. Does that mean humans will become smarter? We've got smart technology with smart cellphones, smart TVs, even smart toasters! Give earth an upgrade by bringing in a "New Civilization". Out with the old and in with the new. Say goodbye to Fiat Money. Soon oil will become something of the past which we don't need for energy anymore. And oil is connected to the "War Machine" and capitalism. Tesla was correct about tapping into a cleaner and free source of energy.

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