The “Entire Manifested #Universe” is orderly existing

The “Entire Manifested #Universe” is orderly existing in various #Visible & #Invisible spherical dimensional planes & sub planes formations through the vital consciousness ethereal differentiation's to consciously & unconsciously exist as the differentiated vital conscious plane levels, which are having their interpenetrating mathematical energy relationships thus creating various Geometries, which are known to all the advanced & highly evolved as the basis of all #energy movements of the Ethereal Vital Consciousness, which are utilized to create various shapes & forms of #consciousexistence in the parametric space

of their differentiated dimensional levels. This most important book which is now lost to all the evolutionary entities & beings of the Universe, due to its wrongful use, which aided the undue corruption in the various dense planes & their Sub planes of the Solar Universe, especially upon the 3 dense planes of this planet Earth [#Mental, #Astral, & #Vital/#Physical] initially provided the deep understanding of the inner workings of the mathematical energy relationships which exist as the #Spiral Motion, #Circular Motion & #Cyclic Motion of vital consciousness, & which is embodied by tiny unconscious live Solar Ray Essences, who later on after a very long period of providing required vital support to the animated forms of various Entities & Beings of Evolutionary Kingdoms, then themselves become qualified to physically manifest also into various entities & beings according to the established plan & purpose of the Logos. The Universal Mathematics originating from the Desire Mind vital Consciousness of the #Unknowable of the Infinite universe create a set form of “#Ethereal Vibrations” which in their cyclic use as the Greater & Smaller “Wheels Of #time” in this Grand experiment of “Vital #Consciousness Expansion” are understood as the “#Frequencies”, & commonly termed as Various ‘’#Colors & #Sounds’’ by all the Visible & Invisible Entities & Beings, which are having further their innumerable ‘’#Tones, #Sub #Tones & #Overtones’’. - #theglobalmovement

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