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Ok guy have put together a sweet litte 30 day flush this bad boy addresses heavy metals, parasites, gut health, candida, yeast, and nano technology.

It consists of:

*Ultimate fiber which acts like a broom and sweeps out all the crap from inside your intestinal tract and colon, its supports the gut and liver and also deals with metals parasites, yeast, candida.

*Super Binder mops up the toxins and pay load after the ultimate fibre and zeolites do their jobs.

*Zeoactiv8 The best zeolite on the market mined form underground and has a unique hexagon pattern that replaces metals with minerals.

*Clean slate perfect for nanotech and hydrogel and cleaning toxins out of the cells.

*Catherin chans famous relaxing tea, will gently flush out things during super supportive on a detox and will help you sleep but also keep you in a calm mood through out the process.

Great products to add with this mix:

*shilajit will elevate your mood and mineralise your body
* citrus pectin to help extra things pass the blood-brain barrier
* Any of my mineral supplements on the shop (Ocean, Black, Complex or Life Fx)

30 day Flush Nano & Toxin Removal

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