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Wellness Retreats


Meet our team

Healing The Mind, Body & Spirit


For full spectrum healing there is no "one size fits all approach",

We have gathered a team of experts and created a package

 to give you access to the best of everything,

food, mentoring / coaching, nature, exercise, ceremony, detoxing,

healing workshops, acupuncture, messages, elixirs, medicine journeys, 

lush accommodation, spring water, tours and deep connection.

This is the kick start to your healing journey. 

Our aim is to transform people into the best versions of themselves and lock in this energy over the 7 days so it becomes part of your being forever.

This means stepping back into the sacred, reconnecting with what makes you happy, working out what it is you love and finding love for yourself so that you can unconditionally love others.



Do you even know what you love doing?



If you had all the money in the world and never needed to work again,

what would your in life look like?

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Patrick offers the gift of Zenthaishiatsu, a form of structural energetic body work that combines hands-on massage and stretching with subtle yet profound energy realignments. His background as a remedial massage therapist and yoga instructor gives him a thorough understanding of the biomechanics of movement. 


In addition, Patrick also facilitates 1:1 mentoring and group weekend Tech-Detox-ReWilding in the Blue Mountains. These processes are designed to awaken the body’s natural pathways to healing and provide insight and vision into the next stage of one’s evolution.

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