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"The Inner Smart body of the human being, the knowing without thinking,
the feeling without touching, that inner teacher we ALL have inside"

Thank you for joining us here at Innate awareness. This platform and global movement
is dedicated to helping humans reach their highest potential. The focus is on Sovereign Health,
Truth News,  Sustainable living, Cultivating Lifeforce energy,  Free Energy and the restoration
(mother earth our home) With the end goal of peaceful world.

We are in a time with more disease and sickness than ever in recorded history and people can't make good decisions if their mind is swimming in a sea of toxic soup. We strive to teach our community how to heal themselves rather than relying on the dead and dying medical system currently in place.

With the recent creation of the mass mind control IQ test called COVID
Things have ramped up a notch and we must be empowered and understand how this world works. Its time to fight for
our freedom like never before. This is a battle for earth and we have a very good chance
of winning and creating heaven on earth. 


In 2021 currently we have all the money, resources, technology and people to create a new earth. Yet we allow corporations, evil bloodlines, politicians and other unconscious beings (who actually have no power over us), to call the shots putting war, the economy & jobs first and look at our current situation.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

We live in an era when mentors, elders and inspirational humans are few and far between.  Social media & the internet has created disconnected humans, there has never been a better time to empower yourself and others.

Innate awareness is a reset back into the sacred & deep gnosis or "inner-standing" of the world today. This means the unseen realms too, Its the sledgehammer approach to waking up.

Living in a multidimensional world we need a multi-faceted approach and we should be balanced in all areas. Mental, physical & spiritual health, deep knowledge of the system & universal L.O.R.E,  connection to spirit,  the shadow realms, the medical,  education, banking & media systems. Most importantly  Be deeply connected to our intuition & inner majik. which means Working in symbiosis with nature, sustainability, gardens, family homesteads, community living.

Rise Up Homosapiens

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Nate Max


Cleansing & revitalizing Dr Sebi

The One Thing They CAN'T Control Will Set Us Free | David Icke

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