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A magical playground for inner inquiry
& self-discovery

Here is some of what you will experience in our retreat:

Luxurious beach & Jungle side Accommodation, 3 Ra Healing food meals a day, Daily Elixers & juices (greens / Jamu Jamu),Yoga, meditation, breathwork, Massages, bodywork, Group acupuncture & shiatsu, introduction to kinesiology, Metaphysics break down, Deprogramming, Guided Tours to sacred spots, Dinner at Akasha (Sacha stones pad) Beach / Jungle bonfire each night, Plenty of time to chill by the pool and relax in your own company,Tours to Cold Plunge pool & hot sauna,Work Shops & group activities, Local Bush food tour, Water Fall blessings / ceremony ,River Treck, Full day hike & traditional food, Pizza and connect session, Call & response, ReWilding, Trauma Release, Tour to natural hot healing springs ,Chi Energy Introduction, Access to Healing Machines "Magnetor Bed" Group connection sessions, fire circles, Cacao Ceremonies, Sound Journeys, Rape' (Hapeh Tobacco) Ceremonies, Kratom Tea Sessions, 
Lots of connection, song, laughter, playfulness & fun.
Most importantly Life long memories, new friends and community.


Staying in the sacred at every step

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Pool Side

Luxury meets the full jungle immersion

Jungle Hike
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Healing The Mind, Body & Spirit

For full-spectrum healing there is no "one size fits all approach", so what we have done is created a team of experts and given you access to the best of everything, food, structured living spring water, mentoring / coaching, nature immersion, exercise, ceremonies, detoxing elixers, healing workshops, acupuncture, massages, medicine journeys,  lush accommodation, tours & connection at all times. This is the kick start to your healing journey and frequency upgade. 
Our plan is to transform people into the best versions of themselves and lock in this energy over the 7 days so it becomes part of your being forever. This means stepping back into the sacred, reconnecting with what makes you happy, working out what it is you love and finding love for yourself so that you can unconditionally love others.

Do you even know what you love doing?

If you had all the money in the world to never need to work again what would you do in life??

These are simple questions that most struggle to answer or even care about when running on the hamster wheel.

Everything that fills your cup

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