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The Stage Is Set

Welcome to 2021 the year where everyone started to wake up and realized that they were living in a science fiction movie.

A time when all the so-called conspiracy theorists are now in the position of being thought pioneers and leaders. An era that will be talked about in the future for generations to come.

Great-grandchildren who say to their parents "tell me about the time when the New order was trying to poison the skies, the drinking water and kill everyone with vaccines and harmful frequencies please grand pa"

Probably one of the most unbelievable times in history where the veil has gotten so thin that the third, fourth and fifth dimensions are merging with the physical realms.

Alien sponsored nanotech being sprayed upon Earth for the last 8 years globally in every single United Nations country on Earth. The 5G and 6G spy grid being set up around Earth in people's back yards to feed artificial intelligence and to track every single millimeter of Earth in real time.

Poisonous toxic untested vaccines being launched around the world over a mainstream scam. Hordes of sleepwalking human beings, led to the slaughter the decision their own, (the saviour Marta archetype) full scale mind control and generational depopulation.

A time where staying healthy & alive has become a science and every single facet of life has either been poisoned, inverted or hijacked by draconian evil parasites who are feeding off human emotions.

Yet the human spirit is stronger than ever, the resistance growing, freedom in sight..

Will only the smart aware organic humans live? What happened to love? Where are the white hats? Did the alpha males rise up? How many will survive, how many are left???

To be continued... The rest of the universe is watching, hoping waiting, Come on humans in earth school this is your chance to shine... Go Go Go

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