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CBD Opens 570 pathways of healing but synthesized CBD from big Pharma is proving to be a real doozie

A plant which is being re birthed again set to change the land scape as we know it, suppressed by the powers at be due to its whole host of medicinal healing & rebalancing properties, but for industrial uses we have not even scratched the surface. Everything you see made from metal, plastic, concrete and wood now can be replaced with eco friendly sustainable hemp. This is what scares the big industries and other groups of interest. This plant is here on earth for humans but necessarily for smoking, high thc is not good for the brain long term & can lead to anxiety & neurological development issues. F.y.i When you burn anything you lose up to 70% of the medicinal properties. People say to me oh what about vaping? Which is yes better but your lungs are still the bodies natural filtration

system. When you digest cbd the body, blood & liver sends it exactly where it needs to go in the right quantities. CBD takes 12 days to synegise in the body and really get working. Note: You don't need to be stoned to get well, rick Simpson muddied the waters with his alcohol extraction paste and way of doing things. View CBD as a full spectrum complex mineral mix, Fully natural cbd and a small amount of thc to create synergy seemes to best method for overall wellness. But stage 4 cancer people will need high thc for more immediate pain relief and more aggressively attacking tumors. Make sure you know your pot grower & suppliers methods, you want cold press whole plant extract fully organic and not watered with tap water its all the little 1% that add up to the 100% & dominant force of healing. Big love Nate Max

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