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Stay Away from Doctors & Big Pharma look to nature for answers

100% in agreeance with Dr. Greenberg we have the most unhealthy population on earth ever in history right now. More new diseases too, which are connected to our food, heavy metals, vaccines, industrial waste, mineral deficiency, stress and toxic overload in the body. There is not a single product in the pharmaceutical industry that is not toxic or poisonous. NOT 1 without a huge list of side effects or "effects" from synthetic toxins. The body is so intelligent in most cases will rebalance its self naturally within 7-14 days of whatever symptoms you had. Now, remember a symptom is the result of a whole bunch of processes that took place inside the body, a long series of events over time. The outdated western medical system treats symptoms with chemicals, in true sovereign health we focus on the cause and rebalancing the body into symbiosis.

Cancer & tumours are symptoms of the body being in a state of toxicity for many years. Most peoples cancer has been in their bodies for 5-10 years BEFORE IT WAS ACTUALLY NOTICED. NOTE: A tumour is your bodies natural defence and containment unit to house excess toxins. Your body "creates a tumour" to hold these toxins until you detox them out of your body, it then becomes smaller and disappears due to your body going back into a state of harmony.

This is when your local doctor will say "oh it's an anomaly" and ask you to leave. That is if you have not already opted to be burnt, radiated, cut or poisoned which does NOTHING to help cancer. It's like having the oil light come on in your car and rather then put more oil in the car you decide to remove the oil light bub from your dashboard. Chemo cures less than 2% of all people. (that's right chemotherapy cures less than 2% of all patients the same % as giving a placebo sugar pill)

The doctors will also lie to your face and say you need to get treatment right away before it spreads, To MAKE SURE it spreads they will do a Biopsy which will punch a hole in your bodies natural containment unit (tumour) and spread the toxins all around your vessel. Next time you go back they will say Oh I'm sorry its spread we need to operate, burn, radiate, poison or all of the above right away. $$$$ and depopulation a beautiful business model for the elite pedo Satanists (THIS IS DONE BY DESIGN) the doctors are owned by big pharma.

Sickness is generally a slow process over years of shit food and lifestyle choices. To get well you must shift physically and mentally into a new way of living and thinking.

Luckily the human body is 100% connected to nature & your MIND. You can rebalance everything and cure every disease by feeding the body what it needs, detoxing, exercise, mindfulness and products from nature. Just stay away from doctors. It's 2019 cancer is a fraud and it's curable now. Don't fall for the lie, if you need help acquiring CBD or cancer solutions in Australia contact me below.

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