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Main Stream Science vs Simple Solutions

It blows my mind the stupidity which is far reaching across the earth at the moment, the absolute lack of critical thinking or maybe any sort of thinking /self-contemplation what so ever. Human's unable to see beyond the mind prison which they live in each day, struggling to see the bigger ticket items. It saddens me but also it's a brilliant time to be an inspiration by example. We have mainstream science which is just another term for "Rockerfella Indoctrination school of inside the box thinkers".

Why is it that with all the money, research, technology and brains all we come up with is the stupidest most, expensive complex ideas for the simplest of problems? "Spraying the Sky with contaminates which will kill all life on earth and create a weather catastrophe" Or JUST PLANT BILLIONS OF FUCKING TREES WORLDWIDE W.D.F SERIOUSLY...

I'll tell you why its because we live with a bunch of scientists, doctors, politicians, bankers & lawmakers who willingly turn a blind eye to all the real truths happening, they are just like prostitutes accept you need to pay a little more for them in the form of: Money, sex, power, children...... EGO.

The more money one makes the less likely he or she is to divulge the secrets or give up their seat of power, they will go along with evil due to the fear of losing their paycheque or backroom deals.

That's why doctors literally don't do any research on nutrition or alt health, its why they knowingly vaccinate children with time release cancer and hundreds of immune destroying chemicals, they see the autism after the vaccines each week THEY KNOW BUT THEY DO NOTHING.. They don't care because they're trying to reach their quota so they get the end of year holiday & bonuses, they are happy to run with a lie if it lines their pockets.

They are unintegral puppets who are literally helping to depopulate the planet. Science is the same except they are always fighting for the next job constantly under pressure to get the next bit of funding, so worried they won't get any more research money which comes usually from the evil corporations who pressure them to show "specific results" Gutless losers, sell outs who sold their soul.

There will be no earth left, no nature, no oceans no nothing if we don't take a stand, literally forget what your doing and take action. Every person has a powerful role to play in cleaning up this planet.

So what's the solution? YOU ARE THE SOLUTION!!!

TAKE ACTION, PEACEFUL NON COMPLIANCE, RESEARCH and most importantly sovereign health and meditation. If your mind is swimming in a sea of toxic soup how can you piece together the bits of the puzzle?? Meditation will make the veil so thin that you see all the BS and regain your own mind, if you don't control your mind who does?? can you sit still for 1 hour?? can you meditate for 1 hour?? if the answer is no its time to re-centre balance and ground into higher consciousness.

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